Privacy Policy

Goal Capital Inc. is Committed to Protecting Privacy of Information

Goal Capital Inc. is committed to respecting and protecting the confidentiality of any personal information that our customers and potential customers entrust with us. This Policy reflects that commitment.

What Personal Information is Collected?

In attempt to better our products and services, Goal Capital Inc. collects a variety of personal information from you. Examples of such personal information would be web traffic, name, address, phone number, e-mail address or various preferences and interests.

Collecting and Using Personal Information

Goal Capital Inc. does not sell or rent information to anyone.
Below are reasons Goal Capital Inc. uses the information collected:

1. To create and maintain effective business relationships.

Goal Capital Inc. will collect information from its customers and other individuals with whom Goal Capital Inc. comes into contact to confirm identity and related contact information. Goal Capital Inc. will send periodic newsletters to visitors who opt-in to our mailing list and other news releases with market data.

2. To further develop, enhance and market products and services.

Goal Capital Inc. may collect personal information regarding customer’s specific investment preferences and goals. This information is confidential and may be used to develop services and to improve existing services and offerings.

3. To understand customer needs and preferences.

Goal Capital Inc. keeps personal information for the purpose of providing personalized service. For example, if a customer wishes to receive information pertaining to a specific company, when there is information available pertaining to that issue, such information can be sent only to those customers who expressed an interest in receiving it. Personal information may be utilized in connection with on-line communications with our customers in order to customize the look and scope of activities offered to that customer on-line.

4. To communicate with our customers or potential customers

Goal Capital Inc., with consent of the person whose information is being used may send information via direct marketing or through electronic means to communicate to that person about various future events or proposals relating to Goal Capital Inc..

Requests to be removed from our mailing list

Goal Capital Inc. will honour any reasonable requests made to review and update your own personal information, and to remove your information from areas where its use is no longer approved by you. Goal Capital Inc. will take reasonable steps to process these requests in a timely manner.

Should you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us.