About Us

Established in 2007, we build long-lasting relationships between companies and like minded investors. We are defined by our integrity, creativity, entrepreneurialism and a willingness to look beyond conventional methods for better ways to accomplish our objectives.

Goal Capital has a track record of developing innovative solutions for challenging market conditions and has worked with a diverse range of clients in various sectors including Technology, Mining, Healthcare/ Biotech, Energy, Clean Tech and Consumer Services. We develop a strategic plan for each client as we understand that every company is different and faces different challenges in the market.

Strategic Planning

Developing a strategic plan in order to maximize the investor relations budget and to successfully market the company while maintaining the utmost integrity.

This includes analyzing current status of investor relations and strategically developing a long term plan in order to achieve proper valuation in the market.

Goal Capital works closely with their clients management in order to ensure that all information is properly and accurately disseminated.

Our Services

Goal Capital understands that every company is different. Different growth stages, different challenges, different resources. Our Services

Our Clients

Goal Capital has a diverse range of clients, in multiple industries. We are ready to serve your needs, with multiple years of experience. Our Clients

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